Below mentioned Roles are required to activate “Manage bank accounts” app on Fiori.

The user must be assigned with role:

  • SAP_BR_CASH_SPECIALIST (for On-premise Edition)
  • SAP_BCR_FIN_CM_BAM_MC (for Cloud Enterprise Edition)
  • SAP_BCR_FIN_CM_BANK_ACC_MGM (for Cloud Project Services Edition)

Component: Web Dynpro Application


Use transaction “SICF” and make sure that the ICF service for the Web Dynpro application is activated.


Component: Back-End Role



The Manage Bank Accounts transactional app provides an overview of your bank accounts in a hierarchical structure and allows you to maintain bank account master data according to your organization’s business requirements, as shown in


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Account Determination – FI – MM integration on Fiori App

This series of articles Accounting determination on Fiori is divided into three parts, 1.      Financial Accounting (FI-GL Integration)

2.      Material Management (FI-MM Integration)

3.      Sales and Distribution (FI-SD Integration)

Here we go through the integration FI with MM steps on Fiori App.

  1. FI Integration with MM:

I have explained FI-MM integration in my webpage

Material Management is the Costing unit for Org, they spent money so each and every activity which spent money should be captured by the Finance People.

Material Type:

Each material should assign material type in Material master record used to update whether changes made in Quantity are updated in material master record & change in value also updated in stock account.

ROH: Raw materials are always procured externally and then processed. Since raw materials cannot be sold, a material master record of this material type contains no sales data.

HALB: Semifinished products can be procured externally (sub-contracting) as well as manufactured in-house. They are then processed by the company. A material master record of this material type can contain both purchasing and work scheduling data.

FERT: Finished products are produced by the company itself. Since they cannot be ordered by Purchasing, a material master record of this material type does not contain purchasing data.

Selent Material Management to do OBYC accounting determination on Fiori app.

Transaction key:

Used to control the storage or filing of documents & assignment of documents.Used to differentiate b/w various transactions such as goods movement that occur in inventory.

BSX – Stock Posting / Inventory Posting

PRD – Price difference

GBB – Offsetting entry for stock posting

WRX – GR/IR Clearing

FRI – Freight Clearing

When GR is posted :

When you receive Goods you CAN NOT make the following entry

Inventory A/c Dr

To Vendor A/c

because, some of the goods you have received may be damaged or may not be upto the mark or for any other reason goods may reject, so before posting it to Vendor A/c we keep it in separate place till we verify the goods. And the actual entry will be:

Inventory A/c Dr (Transaction Key BSX @ OBYC)

To GR/IR A/c (Transaction Key WRX @ OBYC)

Here the goods received is Debited to inventory and Credited to a temporary A/c i.e., GR/IR a/c

When IR is posted

Here you will post the invoice after you are satisfied with the goods received, the entry will be

GR/IR A/c Dr

To Vendor A/c

Now the goods are moved from GR/IR A/c and Vendor is Credited. Now you got the final entry of Goods to Vendor Account i.e.

Inventory A/c Dr

To Vendor A/c

i.e., Inventory A/c was Debited and Vendor A/c was Credit and GR/IR A/c is Dr and also Credited hence its balance became ‘Zero’, and it has to be Zero always.

FIORI – Account Determination

SAP is now providing “Accounting determination” using Fiori for On-Premise 1610 release or higher. Let us deep dive into the steps of “Accounting determination” fiori app functionality.

The central task of G/L accounting is to provide a comprehensive picture of external accounting and accounts. Recording all business transactions (primary postings as well as settlements from internal accounting) in a software system that is fully integrated with all the other operational areas of a company ensures that the accounting data is always complete and accurate.

General Ledger Accounting is integrated with all application components of the SAP System that generate posting data of relevance to General Ledger Accounting:

“Accounting Determination” app allows us to do below mentioned integration activities,

1.      FI-GL

  • Foreign currency Valuation
  • Transfer and sort Receivables and Payables
  • Retained earnings account

2.      FI-MM Integration “OBYC”

3.      FI-SD Integration “OVKA”

Below mentioned are front-end, back-end and OData service roles needs to be assigned to view the “Account Determination” fiori app.

·        oData Service : FAC_ACC_DETERMINATION_SRV

·        Back-End Authorization Role (PFCG): SAP_BR_GL_ACCOUNTANT

·        Technical Catalog: SAP_TC_FIN_ACC_COMMON


FI-GL Integration

Select Subarea as “General Ledger Accounting”

  • Foreign currency valuation. Currently, only transaction key KDF (under transaction group FWA) is supported. It covers T-code OBA1, tables T030H and T030HB.

Hit on Step 2 to assign the Exchange gain/loss GL accounts

Retained earnings account, it corresponds to T-code OB53, tables T030 and T030B

Click on Step 2 to select the parameters

Click on Step 3 to assign retained earnings account

Bank Account Determination for Payment Transactions in AP/AR: In ERP, it is a view cluster VC_BANKDET that can be launched in SM34. The app only supports one branch in the view cluster, for example, ‘Bank Accounts’.

Click on Step 2 to assign Bank determination GL accounts,

Using this app we do similar configuration that we do in GUI transaction – FBZP bank determination (below screen refers GUI screenshot)

 Let us do bank determination on Fiori now,

This series of articles Accounting determination on Fiori is divided into three parts,

  1.   Financial Accounting (FI-GL)
  2. Material Management (FI-MM Integration)
  3. Sales and Distribution (FI-SD Integration)