ABT1N – Asset Inter Company Transfers

There are three reasons why you might need to carry out an intracompany transfer within a company code:

i.If changes are made to organizational structures (reclassification of asset classes, changes to profit centers, and so on).

ii.An intracompany transfer might be necessary if account assignments are incorrect (for example, incorrect asset class).

iii.A managed asset under construction is completed for summary settlement.

Intracompany transfers from one fixed asset to another within the same company code can be carried out in one step. Automatic intracompany transfers are only possible, however, if no values from the sending asset are lost and every area of the target asset is supplied with values.



i.Enter document date, posting date and asset value date.

ii.Choose “Specifications for revenue”.

iii.Input the “transfer to company Code”. This is the company code receiving the asset. Select “New Asset”, if a new asset is to be created in the receiving company code.

iv.Click on Master Data button to create the Asset master data in “Create Asset Screen” that will pop up.

image (1)


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3).png

Display the documents using transaction FBU3 to review the Inter Company accounting postings.


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